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Online Special Education Advocacy Training

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Lisa Lightner

IEP Toolkit for Parents

A complete online library of printable and downloadable resources that gives you the tools to become an empowered and organized parent advocate for your child. Avoid costly, frustrating, time-consumin

$ 39
Lisa Lightner

Understanding IEP Data Collection

Want to feel confident in discussing IEP data at the IEP meeting? What emotions does the word “data” evoke for you? For most parents, it equals a headache, confusion and frustration.But, understanding

$ 19
Lisa Lightner

IEP Considerations

IEPs are usually large, complex documents with a lot of parts.In this course, we break down and do some in-depth examination of some of the components that are part of or surround an IEP.Behavior, inc

$ 49
Lisa Lightner

How to Build a Robust IEP

IEPs are large, complex documents with a lot of moving parts.We take an in-depth look at some of the most important components of an IEP and how you can improve your child's outcomes.Includes:understa

$ 59
Lisa Lightner

IEP Transition Parent Workshops

Does the thought of IEP transition and adulthood make you anxious? It can. I mean...we want our kids to maximize their potential. And, have meaningful lives as adults. Take control of your child's out

$ 59
Lisa Lightner

Understanding IDEA and Your Parental Rights

Parents and students have a lot of rights in the IEP process. But, they're meaningless if you don't know what they are and how to use them.In this course, you will receive information and training on:

$ 69
Lisa Lightner

Becoming a Professional Special Education Advocate

If you are a working or volunteer advocate, this is content specific to that. These are the nuts and bolts that you need to set up your own advocacy business. Welcome & Getting StartedSetting your Adv

$ 79
Lisa Lightner

Don't IEP Alone Academy

✨ Isn’t it time to start rocking your IEP routine? ✨ Master the IEP process AND get a path to "YES!" faster using my simple 4 Step Process.The truth is that having an implementable, strategic, action

$ 149

What Other Parents Like You have said.

"Most Informative Course ever!"

To have all your resources right here with a live weekly chat is better than a book for me! Your passion to help parents secure needed services for their kiddos comes shining through. Don't IEP Alone Academy is probably the most informative course I've ever taken.

Guy Hawkins
Lynn, Former Teacher and Advocate

"Definitely my Go-To!"

With so many factors to consider when navigating Special Ed services...and the rights of students and their families, we are so fortunate to have this resource at our fingertips. It is definitely my go-to for guidance and tools, both as a parent to a developmentally disabled daughter and as an Advocate in the community who supports other families.

Robert Fox
Christina, Community Advocate

"Amazing and Helpful!"

I thought your course was AMAZING. It gave me a fresh new way to look at things and was very helpful.


"Got everything I wanted!"

The IEP team did a complete 180 from what they were going to suggest. I got everything I wanted (ICT, PT and ST with OT consult) and several desired goals and accommodations. Now I'm certain my son's IEP states all of the support he needs to be successful.


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