IEP Considerations


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IEP Considerations

About Course

IEPs are usually large, complex documents with a lot of parts.

In this course, we break down and do some in-depth examination of some of the components that are part of or surround an IEP.

  • Behavior, including Functional Behavior Assessments and Behavior Plans 
  • OSEP & OSERS: Learn how to use the “Dear Colleague” and Guidance Letters from OSEP (US Office of Special Education Programs) in your IEP advocacy
  • Special education aides and paraprofessionals: How to ask for one, what their duties, responsibilities and qualifications should be and much more
  • IDEA surrogates: what they are and how to become one
  • Removing Services: The school personnel want to remove supports and services, you're against it. How to proceed
  • School Refusal: An unfortunate trend in special education and what to do about it
  • Bullying: Disabled students are more than 7x more likely to be bullied than their non-disabled peers. Here's how to handle it.
  • Private services: their role in your child's development
  • Post Pandemic: Sure, the pandemic is over. But has your child regained all lost skills?

And much more!

Course content

videoBehavior | FBA | BIP Start
videoFBA and Behavior Plan PDF Start
videoOSEP and OSERS Start
videoOSEP and Dear Colleague Letters PDF Start
videoAides and Paras Start
videoAides and Paras PDF Start
videoIEP Educational Surrogates Start
videoEducational Surrogates PDF Start
videoRemoving Services Start
videoSchool Refusal | Shortened Days and Weeks Start
videoSchool Refusal Information for Educators PDF Start
videoBullying Start
videoBullying Start
videoSecuring Private Services Start
videoIEPs Post Pandemic Start
videoPost Covid IEPs PDF Start
Lisa Lightner

Lisa Lightner

Course Instructor