IEP Toolkit for Parents


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IEP Toolkit for Parents

About Course

A complete online library of printable and downloadable resources that gives you the tools to become an empowered and organized parent advocate for your child.


Avoid costly, frustrating, time-consuming, and progress-delaying advocacy mistakes with your child's IEP.

These tools include:

✅   The 4-Step Transformation: How to develop your IEP strategy. Value $17

✅   Keep your IEP "stuff" organized so it doesn't overwhelm you. Value $17

✅   IEPs are Data-Driven--Make sure you're doing it adequately. Value $17

✅   Parent Concern letter: THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you will do as a parent in the IEP process. Value Priceless

✅   Never be nervous again. How to prepare for an IEP Meeting. Value $17

✅   IEP Goal Tracker for you to monitor your child's progress from year to year. Value $17

✅   Thousands of IEP ideas for you to browse and use. IEP development resources. Value $20

✅   Parents' Rights Booklet and other resources at your fingertips. IEP Law and regs for all 50 states. Value $17

✅   Address Your Distance Learning concerns whether from the pandemic or homebound placement. Value $17

✅   Understand and create your vision statement, one of the BEST things you can do! Value $17

✅   My personal and curated collection of free e-guides on specific IEP concepts. Value $17 


With our IEP advocacy tools, you'll be able to navigate the IEP process with confidence and communicate effectively with school officials. You'll have everything you need to be a powerful advocate for your child's education and future.

Don't let your child's education be left to chance. Use the check out link to our sanity-saving IEP Toolkit -- it has all the tools you need to be adequately prepared for parent participation. 

Take control of your child's education today!

Course content

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videoWelcome to the 4-Step Transformation PDF Start
video*NEW* IEP Binder Components Start
videoBinder Parts PDFs Start
videoData Collection and Record Review Start
videoData Collection and RR for Toolkit PDF Start
videoParent Concerns Letter: Resources, Examples Start
videoHow to Ask Your IEP Team for Just About Anything Start
videoIEP Meeting Preparation and Attendance Start
videoHow to Prepare for an IEP Meeting PDF Start
videoIEP Development Start
videoIEP Development Resources Start
videoResources and Reference Content Start
videoResources for Parents Start
videoDistance Learning Specific (Homebound or COVID) Start
videoIEP Planner Pages for Covid PDF Start
videoIEP Vision Statement PDF Start
videoE-Guides Start
videoFree E-Guides PDFs Start
videoBullet Journal Pages Start
videoBullet Journal for IEP Moms PDF Start
Lisa Lightner

Lisa Lightner

Course Instructor