Navigating IEP Transition for Parents


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Navigating IEP Transition for Parents

About Course

Does the thought of IEP transition and adulthood make you anxious? 

It can. I mean...we want our kids to maximize their potential. And, have meaningful lives as adults.
Take control of your child's outcomes. Learn how to get your team on board...and so much more in this workshop series.
In this training series, you will learn how to be your child's best advocate during this very important time in their IEP career.
Here is what you will learn to do in this training series.
  • What to expect from a middle school or high school IEP, and how to best prepare.
  • Learn what an IEP vision statement is, its importance, and how to create one
  • Get an overview of the IEP transition process, before digging in.
  • What IDEA says about IEP transition planning
  • How to develop meaningful IEP transition goals
  • Overcoming obstacles with your school transition IEP team
  • Accessing adult services--what do you need to know?

This training series contains videos, PDFs, workbooks and so much more.


Course content

videoWhat to Know About Middle and High School IEPs Start
videoMiddle School and High School IEPs PDF Start
videoTransition Workshop 1 Start
videoTransition Workshop PDF Start
videoTransition Workshop 2 Start
videoTransition Session 2 PDF Start
videoTransition Workshop 3 Start
videoWriting Quality Secondary Transition IEPs PDF Start
videoTransition Workshop 4 Start
videoTransition Workshop 4 Start
videoTransition Workshop 5-Adult Services Start
videoTransition to Adulthood PDF Start
Lisa Lightner

Lisa Lightner

Course Instructor