Understanding IDEA and Your Parental Rights


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Understanding IDEA and Your Parental Rights

About Course

Parents and students have a lot of rights in the IEP process. But, they're meaningless if you don't know what they are and how to use them.

In this course, you will receive information and training on:

  • ESY, Extended School Year
  • IEP Placement Options and how to steer your IEP toward your desired placement
  • Eligibility categories and special factors on an IEP
  • parent rights/ procedural safeguards: An in-depth look at what these documents really say and mean
  • School Discipline and IEP (the rules are different!)
  • LRE, Least Restrictive Environment
  • IDEA, Supreme Court decisions and other laws affecting IEPs
  • IEP forms: What are all those forms you fill out, and what is their significance?

Course content

videoESY-Extended School Year Start
videoESY PDF Start
videoIEP Placement Decisions, explained. Start
videoIEP Placement Decision Making Process PDF Start
videoDisability Eligibility Categories + Special Factors: Does it matter what is checked? Start
videoIEP Eligibility Categories and Special Factors PDF Start
videoYour Parental Rights and Procedural Safeguards Start
videoProcedural Safeguards PDF Start
videoDiscipline and IEPs/504s Start
videoLRE PDF Start
videoSpecial Education Laws Start
videoSpecial Education Laws PDF Start
videoIEP Forms Start
videoIEP Forms PDF Start
Lisa Lightner

Lisa Lightner

Course Instructor