Understanding IEP Data Collection


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Understanding IEP Data Collection

About Course

Want to feel confident in discussing IEP data at the IEP meeting?


What emotions does the word “data” evoke for you? 

For most parents, it equals a headache, confusion and frustration.

But, understanding IEP Data Collection doesn't have to be that way!

This mini-course on IEP Data Collection is designed for teachers and school staff, but parents can definitely use the knowledge.

When you understand best practices and expectations for IEP data collection, you'll know if your child's IEP data is meaningful or just rubbish.

It will also help you understand what good data looks like and help you when you ask for IEP data.

This course will help you understand:

  • The difference between opportunities vs charted opportunities vs trials
  • Types of functional data
  • Who can take IEP data?
  • And so much more!

You'll feel confident and knowledgeable in discussing your child's IEP data at the next IEP meeting.

Course content

videoIntroduction - Data: Lots of Feelings! Start
videoTypes of Academic Data (+ a few functional applications) Start
videoAccuracy Start
video- Trials Start
videoTypes of Functional Data (+ a few Academic uses) Start
video- Opportunities Start
video- Charted Opportunities Start
videoTypes of Functional Data (less-frequently used) Start
video- Duration Start
video- Latency Start
video- Frequency Start
video- Interval (Whole Interval and Partial Interval) Start
videoNew Teacher Note Start
videoWho can take Data? Start
videoCreative Ways to Take Data Start
videoIEP Progress Monitoring Start
Lisa Lightner

Lisa Lightner

Course Instructor