Frequently Asked Questions

If you purchase the full bundle ($297):

To start, you get 7 Webinars taking you through the 4 step process to being a better IEP advocate.

You have access to these pieces of training, live or recorded, for a lifetime. Including all the printable materials. After the 7 Initial Sessions, you can return to all or part of the live or recorded sessions as often as you wish. Plus, Deep Dives on specific topics will be added regularly.

If you parent a child with an IEP, then this is for you.

Friends, Caregivers, Aunties, Foster Parents, Educational Surrogates, Grandparents,'re all encouraged to take the course so you can be a support person for the one(s) you love.

If you have an attorney or currently in the stages of Due Process, please wait until you have completed that before enrolling.

It depends on which components you purchase.

In Don't IEP Alone Academy, you'll learn:

  • How to do an IEP Records Review
  • How to develop an action plan for an Annual IEP Meeting.
  • How to be prepared with data for your asks.
  • How to Effectively Use Procedural Safeguards
  • Have a 4-step formula for every IEP issue or concern.
  • How to Be a Better Advocate for your child or others.
  • Too much to list on one page!

Yes, but know that there is no licensure or certification with this program. However, this is the exact process I use with my clients, so there's no reason why other advocates could not use it as well.

There is no single nationally required license or certification to become an Advocate. I'm one of the Top Special Education Advocates in the country, and I'm on a mission to share my knowledge with as many people as possible.

This is not a book, it is a comprehensive learning and support system for IEP Parents. 

Please keep in mind that all materials are delivered digitally in PDF format or video. You need internet access to participate.

You can access the pre-recorded content within minutes of signing up. All you have to do is commit to being a better advocate.

Replays will be available within a few hours of the live webinar. Once a live webinar is uploaded for viewing, you can watch it as many times as you wish. Or, join future live sessions.

Many training agencies just take you through IDEA and other laws, pointing out a few things here and there. I'm turning the advocacy process upside-down--we're taking an advocate's approach and working within the framework of IDEA. Memorizing the laws isn't helpful. Having an action plan to implement, that follows the laws--that's helpful.

It depends on which components you purchase.

Hiring an advocate is expensive. Many charge $50-$200 per hour and more. For the same price as what you would pay an Advocate for just a few hours, you will have a lifetime of advocacy skills. Don't IEP Alone Academy is $297 for lifetime access.

Due to the digital nature of the products, The IEP Toolkits, both parent and teacher version, are non-refundable.

Participants can receive a refund for the other training components as long as it is requested within 48 hours.